Anne Krijger once predicted that, at some point, I'd fall victim to an affliction that affects many net connected Mini owners. He was right, I couldn't resist the urge to create a little page dedicated to the car of the century. Here it is...

Mini City Around August 1998 I had the chance to purchase a second hand Mini. I've always fancied the idea of owning and driving a Mini so I went for it. From then on I was hooked.

The car in question is (depending on browser) pictured to the left. It is an A registered (1984) Mini City. I drove this for about nine months but when it came close to MOT time it became clear that it was going to need a ton of work to pass. As much as I liked the car I didn't relish the idea of being faced with a re-build project and so I started hunting for a replacement.

Mini-nuts will be glad to know that the City wasn't written off, I donated it as a "project" to a friend who did a great job of reviving it.

The City was also one of the thousands of Minis that made it to the 40th birthday bash at Silverstone (21-22 August 1999).

Mini JetBlack The hunt for a replacement Mini ended with me finding a JetBlack (a limited edition Mini from 1988) that was in the process of being rebuilt. When I first saw it it was nothing more than a dusty shell requiring a paint job, windows, some welding and a bloody good clean. As someone who isn't a "car person" I wasn't too sure, it looked like a wreck. Anyway, after reassurances from my neighbour (cheers Jason) I decided to go for it.

Two months later it was mine and, I'm glad to report, looked nothing like the wreck I first saw. The picture to the (depending on browser) right was taken early on the morning of the 21st August 1999 while I was packing it up ready for the trip to the Mini's 40th Birthday bash at Silverstone.

So, there you are, I've finally fallen victim to creating a "here's my car" page. Not to worry, I'm in good company, pay a visit to Anne's Mini pages. He's partly responsible for my mini fixation and he's the one who predicted that I'd end up creating this page.

The Jet Black spent the period from 2002 to late 2009 off the road (for no other reason than family circumstances meant that it was better to only have one car on the road). Now that he's back on the road he's got his own twitter account where he tweets about his exploits. If you want to follow him visit @MiniJetBlack.

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