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Hey! Welcome! This is the main web site for my domain. For many years I had a fairly well-populated site here, complete with content relating to Emacs, the Sawfish window manager, the mutt email client, CA-Clipper, Lisp, Norton Guide databases, photography, etc, etc, etc...

The site itself was built, initially some time around late 2000 and early 2001, with a php-based engine I created for myself. Eventually though that version of the site fell foul of bitrot and I decided it was high time to start again from scratch.

So, if you happen to have landed here from some link elsewhere on the Net, and you haven't found what you're looking for, do feel free to drop me a line and ask. It might be whatever you're looking for is still here in a slightly different location, or it could be that it's now hosted elsewhere, or is just simply offline. In the latter cases I can possibly either provide a pointer or connect you up with what you were looking for.

Under Construction

Ahh, yes, remember that turn of phrase for websites? Well, no animated gifs this time around, but as of August 2023 this new version of the site is very much under construction. I'll be building it back out, trying to pull back everything that makes sense to pull back, but in a new form. This welcome page lands first to hopefully help let people know this site and I still exist.